The Pillars

Flash back to 2010, when a senior logistician decided not to continue his carreer as company worker. He and his lovely brother established foundation of a pure Tour Operator in Padang, West Sumatra-Indonesia. Soon after, some close friends were asked to join and support the development of company as the pillars of Malala Tour Indonesia

Mulyandri Ramadhan Bachtiar
0Andri-Web1aHe is experienced through the years in logistic and purchasing division in several national and international companies of different backgounds. His last stint was working for an organization involved in humanitarian projects. His love for nature travelling, which he still does in his spare time, raises his spirit to give new colors to journeys as a tour designer. He developed ideas on how a tour operator and programs should be managed and operated to the point that to achieve his long-time dream he decided to stop working for others and set up Malala Tour Indonesia with the help of close friends and those he loves. He believes that “Journey is not only to see something beautiful, it is challenge about respect, new friendships and sharing memorable moments”.

Rudolf Smit

This old-crack of the hospitality industry is always full of energy. More than 30 years of his life was spent in the interest of the tourism industry, basically in hotel and tour operation management. His love to serve certainly helps the company in the capacity of a Tour Counsellor, Motivator and spirit of the team. Till now Rolf gets invitations to lecture for a number of seminars regarding hospitality and other tourism interests. The marketing direction of the company draws inspiration from his marketing instincts.

Multiarina Oktavia Bachtiar
0Rina-Web1This cheerful and lovely lady is the reference contact in Germany for Malala Tour Indonesia. With fluency in three languages she is a good negotiator and conributes a lot towards the marketing of the company overseas, particularly in Europe. Her creative ideas and sense of the artistic make up her character and she provides support for unique travel program packaging for clients.

Yosri Andri
(Oce Vertical)
0Oce 1-Web

Coming from a fishermen’s village he was brought up to become a hardworker and a lover of nature, which supplies human life’s needs worth preserving, which made him an activist in humanitatrian causes including the environment. As a resident of a coastal village, the environment naturally taught his instinct in sea navigation. He loves sea and river kayaking. He began mountain climbing when in high school and joined the campus nature-loving group. His achievement included finding a new climbing route. His artistic and creative side directed him to the world of photography. He chose to support Malala Tour Indonesia and was given the responsibility to head the IT and photography department. At times he leads trekking, hiking and mountain climbing guests.

Junaldi Ihsan
0Ihsan Web 2

This law graduate presents a calm, conservative and dedicated demeanor. His experience in handling a variety of tours previously with a number of tour operators placed him in the leadership and development of the company’s guiding division. His idealism and knowledge of so many routes and the environment is a valuable asset for clients and is very helpful for the company to create attractive programs that give added value. Biking, Walking and Jogging are sources of inspiration for Ihsan in developing sustainable tourism. Obviously, he is a source of inspiration for the team.

Nina Rizky Bachtiar
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Kiki loves details, persistent and always consider efficiency in arranging and managing the administration and finance of the company to the best of her ability. Travelling is a hobby and often serves as a tour leader in certain conditions. She has experience built from her network establiehed through working in humantarian projects through a number of NGOs. She definitely contributes a lot in directing Malala Tour Indonesia and is committed to further sustainable tourism.

Rahmatan Lil’Alamin
001Rahmat Profile

The youngest, full of spirit, constructive and responsible. He is an environmental activist through a nature-lover group. Treking, Hiking and Mountain Climbing are routine activities outside the daily company work. Similar opinions on the management of the tourism world make him the refreshing nuance at Malala Tour Indonesia. Team’s mobility depends completely on his efficient work in the logistics side. As a marketing graduate he doubles as the company’s marketing agent. His knowledge of Sumatra often makes him a guide in certain programs.