6D5N Amazing Different Atmosphere of Minangkabau

(Discover ancient life, unique culture and modern life as well as the great nature make a different atmosphere of life harmony somewhere in the West of Sumatra which called “Ranah Minang”)

Day 1 Welcome to West Sumatra (L, D)
Explore Padang city, past and recent development-Ennjoy the hotel fascilities.

Day 2-3 Explore the Ancient History and Unique Culture of Minangkabau (B,L,D)
Batusangkar, Tanah Datar,  the unique matrilineal Minangkabau, the ancient land, the great traditional palace, epigraphs, and + 300 year old Minangkabau traditional house with its unique architecture. Trditional ceremony called Bajamba and photo session in Traditional Clothe. Experiencing local market atmosphere. Stay at a traditional houses (rumah gadang). Cooking experience and cultural share about Minangkabau traditional music.

Day 3 (B,L,D)
Experiencing another culture share about Silek, a tradional martial art, visit a charming wood carvers village famous for intricate hand woven cloth called Songket, here you can buy some traditional art gift from Minangkabau. Enjoy hotel fascilities.

Day 4 Traditional and Modernization of Bukittinggi, the Paris van Sumatra (B,L,D)
Local villagears activities on making brown sugar with unique simple way that they still use buffalo to run a simple machine in producing their product and visiting traditional crackers industry. Walking trip of some local heritages in the town where you will find the traditional life and modernization has their economically important role for west Sumatra.

Day 5 Amazing Minangkabau (B,L,D)
The whisper invitation of a nature reserve start since 1926 for a walking and hiking to enjoy it’s amazing landscape, natural green, village athmosphere with field rice, and waterfalls. Off-road jeeps for a charming trip via suburb and village road to a pretty scenery little lake to do a bamboo rafting and taste the really original villagean local’s food. Coffee break served with delicious local appetizer. Short learn and perform the traditional dance of Minangkabau on a farewell with Minangkabau Cultural Performances where a beautiful lady dancing on the broken of glasses but unhurt.

Day 6 Transfer Airport
It’s free for your own time before transfer to the airport, but on the way you will get an early lunch at Sate Mak Syukur, a famous traditional Minangkabau meat barbeque.