a Different Atmosphere of Malala Tour Indonesia
A different atmosphere

Hello Traveler…

Warmest regards from us, Malala Tour Indonesia. We are an Indonesian tour operator based in Padang, West Sumatra where we start to design many interesting tour programs of Indonesia. Creativities on arranging and packaging of a tour and traveling  program is our main strength in providing the best to clients. We provide a unique perspective of life in unsual tourist routes at diverse regions of Indonesia. Beside we also commit to support Green Tourism Institute ideas of sustainable tourism.

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Tailor Made

Let us help you allay your confusions and fears of planning a journey in Indonesia. Tell us and discuss what you would need, like to do, and where you would like to go. Then we will design the journey that fits your preferences.

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The Pillars

Flash back to 2010, when a senior logistician decided not to continue his carreer as company worker. He and his lovely brother established foundation of a pure Tour Operator in Padang, West Sumatra-Indonesia.

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