Program Details & Highlights

Program Highlights

Market Trip, Cooking Class Session, Traditional Minangkabau cuisine, Special Beverages, Local Appetizer and Dessert, Local Producer, Combination of tourist and local public transportation

A small group of cultural gastronomy adventure and  Mini Ethno photography Journey in the land of world largest society in order to know their culture about food and beverage. A side to introduce and maintain world unique gastronomy culture from journey and photography.

A combination of a lot of authentic life experience, beautiful natural landscape, different culture, mutual respect, peace and friendship become a memorable holiday.

Program Details

This a combination of  Gastronomy & Mini Ethno Photography journey in West Sumatra, an Indonesian province lies on the west coast of the island of Sumatra. Minangkabau, an ethnic group, is formed under matrilineal culture in the way of living and well-known as world largest matrilineal society. Minangkabau food are more known as “Padang food” generally spread all over Indonesia as favorite restaurant destination. Nowadays in some countries it getting familiars as one of the Menu named “Rendang” has become the world most delicious food. Let’s culturally discover what is behind  food and beverage recipe or cuisine of “Padang Food”. Some of them will be learned in cooking class and the other will be taste through this amazing trip. It will be base of your gastronomy and mini ethno photography journey as well as your amazing holiday.

Day by Day MTI 12 - 10 Days - West Sumatra Gastroventure

Day 1: Selamat Datang-Arrival at Minangkabau International Airport (D)

Welcome in Minangkabau International Airport, Padang. Meet & greet, drive 2,5 hours to the highland of West Sumatra. Check in at comfortable hotel in Bukittinggi. Free program to release your “lag”, the hotel has a nice view lounge and exciting pool or you could enjoy our traditional massage. Short walk also possible as the hotel only 100 m from local bursting market. Hotel Dinner. Greeting with our host who already opened “Nasi Kapau” outlet more than 35 years.

Day 2: Local Market, Culture and Beautiful Nature (BLD)

Today we will experience local market walk, find spice, seasoning or ingredients, and find the cooking way with the outlet workers. Enjoy the local transportation to host place. Lunch will be provided at host outlet where you’ll enjoy the atmosphere of some food outlets in local food court at midday. Walking to Sianok Canyon Panoramic Park, a stunning nature phenomenon created by primeval volcano. In early afternoon we’ll visit Koto Gadang, a village where a historical silversmith work and embroidery that still in handmade production with old technique and style of working. After dinner at hotel, we will have short walk to trace 18th century buildings as well as enjoy the charm night of Bukittinggi.

Day 3: Organic Luwak Coffee Production & Countryside (BLD)

A little bit earlier will drive to a village where we find a trace of Sir Stamford Raffless Botanical research in Sumatra. We’ll take a walk surround the village and meet our host that produce organic “coffee luwak”. It is a coincidentally way of coffee brewing. In Dutch Colonial era native farmers and plantation workers are forbidden from harvesting coffee for their own use. Discover how limited our host coffee production as she still keeps to produce it culturally in organic way without force “Luwak” (Civet Cat) to eat the beans. Here, experience the complete “Luwak Coffee” production process as well as fun spa coffee. (If you are lucky, there is a possibility to see the blooming Rafflessia Arnoldii or Amorphollus blooming in the forest surround, we’ll see it if the trek is not more than 2,5 hours go and back). Host will provide us a village local food for lunch. About 10 Km from here, we’ll then do a village tour to explore a pretty view in the slope of Mt. Merapi, where we will discover about culturally daily life (farming, plantation, local garment, etc), historical building, and cultural influence in architecture. Dinner

Day 4: Minangkabau Snacks and Eco-Craft Product (BLD)

Payakumbuh, about one hour from Bukittinggi is well known as home of Minangkabau traditional snacks and dessert production. Fulfill your food adventure desire by tasting the various local products as well as exploring and discover the way to make it. Beside this town also highly appreciate for some eco wickerwork products. Discover the unique production process and the material used. Before, we will visit a stone musical instrument, “Talempong Batu”, a percussion instrument made of stone. Lunch will be at local restaurant. “Daun Kawa”,  Tea-Coffee Breaks will be provided enroute. This is a special beverage recipe created by native coffee farmers forbidden to taste coffee. Dinner at Hotel.

Day 5: Brown Sugar an Important Ingredients (BLD)

Early morning check out. In the hilly place surround Matur, you’ll discover a unique local wisdom related to farming and some food productions. Discover how elders in the past era established an eco farming way and human-animal collaborative work to produce “brown sugar”. An important and influencing ingredients on Minangkabau snack and dessert. Still somewhere surround, nature painting of primeval volcano resulted the beauty of Lake Maninjau from hill. Enroute lunch at local restaurant. Then we’ll check in at “Rumah Gadang”, a Minangkabau unique architectural typical custom house in a countryside in the heart of West Sumatra. Welcome and enjoy an atmosphere in cultural village of largest matrilineal community. Here, we’ll experience how people prepare meal for formal reception or ceremony. It’s fun as you will get Minangkabau dress code, if you are a group of traveler, you will have your own role in this reception setting. “Bajamba” dinner, a ceremonial dinner way in the mainland of West Sumatra.

Day 6: Rendang and Minangkabau Dessert Cooking Class (BLD)

Since day 5th, get a country side living’s experience: “Rumah Gadang’s room” (a comunal base/ no single supplement), discover a unique local wisdom to economic source of local community to keep sustainable environment, experience their morning daily activities. Then experience small town/village market exploration, here you will learn completely the cooking style, ingredients, and cultural philosophy behind the creation of world most delicious food named “Rendang” from where it was originally from, in this ancient land of Minangkabau. Your own cook lunch. In the afternoon we’ll also follow another cooking class about “Minangkabau Dessert”. After Dinner with another selective traditional delicious food, we’ll see a matrilineal art performance from our local fellows.

Day 7 : Culture at Ancient Land (BLD)

Day 7: Farewell Breakfast with our local hosts and Check out. Today, we will explore a royal icon of Minangkabau people, “Pagaruyuang Palace” and then see + 400 years an ancient cultural typical house of Minangkabau. Lunch will be provided in a local Restaurant who still keeps culturally a unique way on providing meals to the guests. Discover how craft worker produce a typical custom musical instrument made of buffalo horn and bamboo. Possibly early enroute Dinner with the most delicious Minangkabau Meat Barbeque (Sate). Continue drive to Padang about + 1,5 hours to Padang. Possibly late check in at comfortable hotel.

Day 8: Culture Influence to Menu (BLD)

By walking from hotel, explore main bursting market of West Sumatra capital city with our local chef. An eccentric stylist public transportation will transfer us and any ingredients needed for traditional desserts cooking learning in chef house. Discover what is behind “Katan Sarikayo” and “Kue Talam”. Then, let’s discover non-Indonesian menu that influence by Indonesian recipe from a local restaurant where we’ll take our lunch. Padang Old Town historical tour, a combination of walk and cultural horse cart ride that will be ended with “Coconut Break” with your own cooking dessert in a Sunset Time in front of Indian Ocean. Dinner will be at Padang Street Food Court where you can choose a dinner menu from various outlets here.

Day 9 : Gastronomes Sharing (BLD)

Lazy Time until 10.00 am; enjoy the hotel pools facility or other hotel facilities. Attend Your Photo Exhibition in West Sumatra Cultural Office. Those pictures will be donated to this government office, thus, your master piece will be displayed in the gallery of this government official building. Our lunch today is “Soto Padang” in a family restaurant that has served the guests for about 50 years. Continue too see daily life of Padang City, a city with cultural tradition and on developing modern atmosphere. Farewell dinner with special cultural art performance ended with broken glass dancing.

Day 10 : Airport Transfer - Sampai Jumpa (B)

Free program with your own leisure until airport transfer or continue with the next program.

Dates, Prices & Availability

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2 - 12 Dec, 2019 Excluding Flight Departure Guaranteed € 2394
$ 2697
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7 - 16 Dec, 2020 Excluding Flight Departure Guaranteed € 2394
$ 2697
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- 2.5% will be donated to support Green Tourism Institute to educate and advocate West Sumatra local community about “sustainable tourism”.
- Small Group Trip (Maximum 16 Pax).
- In Rumah Gadang, a “Local Comunal Resident”: you’ll face and deal with standard condition.
- In Rumah Gadang, you’ll get a clean communal facilities (each rumah Gadang usually has 3-4 toilet/bath room)
- In local resident our team will manage and advise about rubbish handling.
- In Rumah Gadang you’ll get twin/tripple/communal/dormy share of room with single bedding (no single supplement available)
- The trip’s purpose is to maintain, introduce, experience culture and how locals living a live from Gastronomey journey, expected that local people will keep their culture as many outsider interesting to see and recognizing it deeper. Beside through the journey, tourists are encouraged to support and develop a part of world as destination for peace and mutual respect.
- This is an open trip, you will gather traveler around the world.
- Special private trip or out of the schedule please contact us.
- For Women dont forget to bring your “knee length” dresses/clothes(in certain places you have to wear it).
- Some routes are in remote area, away from tourist trail and most activities directly deal with local people. Our guides will brief about appropriate behavior, both cultural and environmental
- Everyday choose one of your picture to be submitted to our guide. All collected pictures will be exhibit in West Sumatra.
- Don’t worry about West Sumatra menu, even this Province well known with spicy food but there are many alternatives menu that meet the foreigners taste.
- Bring your own repelent/mosquito spray and private medicine.
- For any force majeure situation, operator will change the route/activities to the equal one.
- Trip start and end at Padang (West Sumatra-Indonesia)
- Above price is a starting price base on 2 pax and twin share room (the more pax you join and directly confirm, there will be a significant price adjustment).

4 Nights B&B at Bukittinggi (4 star hotel)
2 Nights at “Rumah Gadang”, a local  comunal house (standard - no single supplement)
3 Nights B&B at Padang (4 star hotel).
*Single Supplement only for Hotel  (+ € 166 / $ 187)
Meals as stated in program detail (9X dinner, 8X lunch, 9X breakfast) 
* Please inform us for any dietary or vegetarian requirement

- Tour Design.
-  9 Night Accommodation as in “Accommodation & Meals” Information.
-  Meals as in “Accommodation & Meals” Information + Mineral Water.
-  Comfortable Tourist Transportation (adjusted as number of travellers).
-  Experience Local Transport in certain occasion
-  Licensed English Speaking Guide.
-  Tour Crews (Local Chef, Logistic, Videographer & Photographer)
-  Donation to Green Tourism Institute and certify as Green Friend of Indonesia.
-  All Entrance Fee, donations to local community, cooking class and other activities fee.
-  Private Cultural Performances at Farewell Dinner
-  CD Documentation

-  International Flight Ticket
-  All Personal Expense or Anything out of Inclusions
-  Tipping (Please contact us for suggestion)
-  Insurance